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With our extensive knowledge about UX review, we provide thorough reports for business optimization keeping the user behaviour in mind.

User Experience(UX) Design - Techved

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Filling Gaps With A Great User Experience

Customers' website/app experience is influenced by design consistency. Errors in website/app experience can have a detrimental impact on client trust and reliability. UX audits provide an independent and objective assessment of the website's or app's strengths and flaws, as well as actionable design advice.

We Design Digital Assets For Our Clients

We undertake 360-degree performance testing of your product's user experience. As an outcome, you'll have a precise plan for improving your user flow, aligning your design with common patterns, eliminating deceptive UX solutions and additional features, and fixing all usability issues.

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Digital Assets for Clients - Techved
Digital Assets Study - Techved

Study Digital Assets

We analyze the digital asset for our clients to get a better understanding of their business.

Usability Benchmark - Techved


We evaluate the product/service to measure the performance and identify the scope of improvement.

Expert Analysis - Techved

Expert Analysis

Our team of experts methodically analyze the digital asset from the users point of view.

Competitive Landscape Analysis - Techved

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Our report consists of direct or indirect competitors and their strengths and weaknesses.

Insights and solutions - Techved

Solution Recommendations

Based on the extensive audit, we recommend actionable insights and solutions.

UX Audit Report - Techved

UX Audit Report

We highlight the key expectations and areas of improvement in the final report.

Our Expertise

Based on the company's objectives, KPIs, and usability standards, our professionals extensively review all parts of the website/app. They then identify areas for improvement and propose ways to enhance the overall experience.

How Do We Do It

Our UX Audit Services Steps

TECHVED UX professionals inspect your present user experience design for flaws. We aim for the greatest level of service quality and pay close attention to every single detail. This is what we undertake to provide you with a comprehensive view of your product's present state.

Steps we follow to identify the flaws

  • Issues with & page hierarchy
  • Uncertain user flow & inconsistent design patterns
  • Non-compliance with platform guidelines
  • UX solutions that are misleading with usability issues
  • Element(s) that are missing/extra
  • Usability issues bugs, and difficulties with system feedback 

Why TECHVED UX Audit Services

At TECHVED, UX audit is more than merely browsing through a few website pages and declaring "it doesn't function." We guarantee that you will receive a complete analysis as well as precise recommendations that you can begin implementing immediately.

Let us perform a UX Review on your digital product to provide you with a plethora of ideas that will assist your company.

Improved user experience

Our UX review service assists you in identifying and eliminating design-related user experience issues, resulting in a simple product.

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Higher conversion rate

A positive user experience ensures a higher conversion rate. Our evaluation service will assist you in creating a successful design and removing purchasing obstacles.

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Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction

A positive user experience is the foundation of customer loyalty. Our UX audit will assist you in improving the quality of your business and attracting new customers.

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Competitive edge

We figure out methods for making your product's unique value more enticing to users. A UX audit enables you to improve user experience and differentiate yourself from your competitors in the marketplace.

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Our Clients Take Pride In Working With Us

With our extensive knowledge in this field, we have acquired a deep understanding of User Testing. We study the user behaviour of the target audience and understand their needs and perspective. This helps us provide an accurate report with relevant solutions to our clients.

  • Explorative Research
  • Deep Analysis
  • UX Audit Report
Explorative Research - Techved
UX Deep Analysis - Techved
UX Solutions - Techved
UX Research - Techved

Explorative Research

With the help of this research, we learn more about the product, in terms of business goals.

Deep Analysis - Techved

Deep Analysis

We thoroughly analyze the data to understand each and every problem based on user needs and business goals.

User Experience Solutions - Techved

UX Audit Report

After the analysis and audit, we highlight the issues and recommend solutions.

Why Is It Important

The main purpose of the UX Audit is to gather enough information about the product keeping in mind the perspective of the target audience. This helps in understanding the product/service from a users point of view. This is very important to create user-centric designs and meet user expectations.

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Why invest in UX Audit?

  • Helps enhance the product/service
  • To get a new perspective about the product/service
  • To get an insight about user behavior
  • To optimize the business growth

What’s Stats Say


of issues related to UX can be detected by performing a usability test on a group of 5 users.



invested in UX results in a return between $2 and $100

IDC estimates


of companies not conducting user experience testing will bedoing so in the next 12 months



of companies are currently conducting any user experience testing

Source: designadvisor, codilime

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How do you test usability?

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First we decide which part of the product or website should be tested. Then we pick the study’s task and set a standard for success. We then write a study plan, delegate roles and find the participants. Finally, we conduct the study, analyze the data and report our findings.

A User Experience Audit is a process where experts highlight the areas of a digital product that are causing an inconvenience for users. A UX audit recommends certain improvements that will enhance the overall user experience of the product. Ultimately, a UX audit allows you to know how to boost conversions by making it easier for users to achieve their goals on your site or software.

This depends on the range of the project. Mostly, we require 1.5 weeks to 8 weeks.

The UX Audit offers design ideas for enhancing the usability of your digital goods and overall user experience. However, this is not the final UI design, but rather a set of technologies and principles for moving forward.

The cost depends on the scale of the audited website. Prices start from USD 600 net.

Yes, you can give the proposed design to Techved's implementation team, which will be processed and treated separately.

Similarly to the price aspect, the length of the process depends on the scale of the project. However, most often our projects take between 2 weeks and 2-3 months.

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