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Unlock the power of gaze analytics with our Eye Tracking Service. Dive into a realm where precision meets insight, revolutionizing the way you understand human behavior and interaction.

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Eye Tracking Excellence

We revolutionize user experience analysis through our advanced Eye Tracking Usability Services. Our commitment lies in leveraging advanced technology to decode and translate intricate eye movements into meaningful insights. Powered by state-of-the-art technology, our services extend beyond conventional boundaries, providing a comprehensive understanding of user behavior and interaction. At TECHVED, we open doors to a new era of understanding user behavior, making it a foundation for businesses aiming to enhance their digital presence and user experiences.

Our Eye Tracking Services

At TECHVED, we specialize in delivering comprehensive Eye Tracking Services tailored to meet your unique needs. Elevate your insights, refine your strategies, and captivate your audience with our expert eye-tracking services.

Real-time Gaze Analysis - Techved

Real-time Gaze Analysis

We offer real-time gaze analysis, capturing user attention to boost engagement & experience.

Customized Research Studies - Techved

Customized Research Studies

Our customized research studies unravel the specifics of user behavior for all your digital assets.

Heatmap visualization - Techved

Heatmap Visualization

We transform complex eye-tracking data into actionable insights with our heatmap visualizations.

Usability testing - Techved

Usability Testing

We identify eye tracking challenges and pain points to refine interfaces and usability.

Wearable Device - Techved

Wearable Device

We use wearable devices to conduct in-depth studies for authentic and insightful data.

Laboratory Studies - Techved

Laboratory Studies

We provide meticulous observation and analysis, ensuring user behavior is captured with precision.

Our Strategic Eye Tracking Blueprint

Our Eye Tracking techniques are designed to decode the language of the eyes, providing businesses with invaluable insights into user behavior. From enhancing product design to optimizing digital assets, our process is a journey that unveils the secrets hidden within the gaze.



Consultation and Goal Definition



Technology Integration

Web Design Process


Data Collection

Web development process


Analysis and Insight Generation

Web development process


Customized Reporting

Web development process


Implementation and Monitoring

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In the competitive landscape of business, understanding customer behavior is pivotal. Our Eye Tracking software and solutions go beyond traditional analytics, offering a unique perspective on the visual cues that influence decision-making. At TECHVED, we provide commitment to precision, actionable insights, and a transformative approach that elevates their understanding of user engagement.
  • GazeCraft Precision Insights
  • Tailored Research Strategies
  • Iterative Improvement Partnership
  • Remote Eye Tracking Innovation
GazeCraft Precision Insights - Techved
Research Strategies - Techved
Strategies for Improvement - Techved
Remote Eye Tracking innovation - Techved
Eye tracking software insights - Techved

GazeCraft Precision Insights

Our technology transforms eye movements into a dynamic data stream, providing detailed insights into user attention, interaction patterns, and areas of interest

Eye Tracking Research - Techved

Tailored Research Strategies

We tailor our research strategies to align seamlessly with our clients' objectives and provide valuable research insights to achieve their business goals.

Improvement Partnership - Techved

Iterative Improvement Partnership

We implement recommendations, monitor impact, and continually refine strategies based on the evolving landscape of user behavior.

Eye Tracking Solutions - Techved

Remote Eye Tracking Innovation

We monitor and analyze eye movements from any location, allowing for studies in natural environments, making eye tracking insights accessible and impactful.

Importance Of Eye Tracking

Why Invest In Eye Tracking

Decode user attention - Techved

Decode user attention
with precision

Areas of focus and interaction - Techved

Uncover specific areas of
focus and interaction

Improvement Partnership - Techved

Personalized experiences
with gaze analytics

Gaze Analytics Experiences - Techved

Data-driven insights into
user interactions

Data-driven insights - Techved

Optimise usability
for satisfaction effectively

Optimise usability - Techved

Foster innovation with
emotion recognition

What Stats Say


of the eye tracking system market is dominated by mobile eye tracking systems


increase in demand is expected for mobile eye tracking systems by 2028.


growth rate was witnessed for the global eye tracking system from 2013 to 2022.

USD 638.8

million is the global eye tracking market size and will increase in coming years.


of the market's revenue share was commanded by the optical tracking segment.

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What is Eye Tracking, and how does it benefit users?

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Eye tracking is a technology that monitors and analyzes the movement of the eyes. For users, this translates to a more intuitive and personalized experience. It allows for interfaces and content to respond to where you're looking, creating smoother interactions.

Privacy is a top priority. In an Eye Tracking device, personal information is not recorded or stored. The focus is solely on analyzing eye movements for overall user experience improvement. All studies adhere to strict privacy guidelines and ethical standards.

Absolutely. Eye Tracking heatmap can enhance accessibility by providing an alternative input method. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with physical disabilities, allowing them to navigate interfaces and control devices using their gaze. It promotes inclusivity and a more accessible digital environment.

Eye Tracking device reveals where users focus their attention, guiding the design of user interfaces. This information helps in optimizing layouts, ensuring that key elements are placed where users naturally look. The result is a more user-friendly and intuitive design that enhances the overall user experience .

Yes!! Many modern mobile devices are equipped with front-facing cameras that can facilitate Eye Tracking technology. This enables features like gaze-based scrolling, enhancing navigation efficiency. It's a subtle yet powerful way to improve the mobile user experience.

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