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We blend tech into your marketing strategies, boosting engagement, loyalty and ROI. Our aim is to make your business go viral and be highly visible in the market.

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At TECHVED, we deliver and develop Marketing Technology strategies tailored to your company's needs. We specialize in designing strategies that encompass the entire marketing ecosystem of your business, customizable to your specific requirements. Through our tech-driven marketing approach, we achieve significant growth in customer engagement and influence, resulting in wider reach.

Our MarTech Services

Our services achieve the desired results for your business. We have MarTech strategies specialized to your needs and requirements.

Real-time Gaze Analysis - Techved

Tailored Roadmap and Consulting

We craft a detailed plan aligned with your goals and target audience.

Customized Research Studies - Techved

Expert Management and Scalability

We handle everything from planning to scalability, ensuring alignment with your marketing objectives.

Heatmap visualization - Techved

Sales and Marketing Automation

Streamline your activities with our comprehensive toolkit, covering campaigns to personalized workflows.

Wearable Device - Techved

Analytics & Continous Monitoring

We prioritize precision analytics, actionable insights, and continuous monitoring to make informed decisions and foster sustained growth.

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The Power of MarTech Services

  • Better ROI
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Delight
  • Boost Loyalty
  • Viral Reach
  • Lead Generation
  • Research and Understanding
  • Competitive Advantage
GazeCraft Precision Insights - Techved
GazeCraft Precision Insights - Techved
Research Strategies - Techved
Strategies for Improvement - Techved
Remote Eye Tracking innovation - Techved
Client Pride
Client Pride
Client Pride
Eye tracking software insights - Techved

Better ROI

Provide cost-effective campaigns, with returns on investments being maximized.

Eye tracking software insights - Techved

Customer Engagement

Promote dynamic interactions, which will increase the customers’ engagement level and satisfaction.

Eye Tracking Research - Techved

Customer Delight

Provide personalized, delightful experiences at every point of contact.

Improvement Partnership - Techved

Boost Loyalty

Develop and maintain relationships that turn your customers into loyal fans and word-of-mouth promoters

Eye Tracking Solutions - Techved

Viral Reach

MarTech utilizes social media, influencer marketing, and viral campaigns to expand brand visibility and reach broader audiences rapidly.

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Lead Generation

Generate more leads by inviting visitors to participate and interact.

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Research and Understanding

Uncover deep customer insights, deciphering buying patterns for targeted strategies.

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Competitive Advantage

Adopt new and trendy tools and strategies to stay above the competition.

Why It Is Important

Why Invest In MarTech

Decode user attention - Techved

Propels business visibility
to viral heights.

Areas of focus and interaction - Techved

Optimize ROI with data-
driven marketing and
performance tracking.

Improvement Partnership - Techved

Boost engagement across
channels for increased
brand advocacy.

Gaze Analytics Experiences - Techved

Convert leads into loyal
customers with
seamless experiences.

What Stats Say


billion USD is the worldwide value of the martech industry.


of sales-as-a-service (SaaS) and technology companies use integrated martech tools.


of CMOs agree that martech is critical for meeting customer expectations.


of marketers have integrated their marketing and analytics tech stacks.


higher ROI is experienced by companies that take a data-centered approach to marketing.

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How do I know which MarTech tools are right for my business?

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MarTech is quite vast and deciding which MarTech tool to use can be very challenging. It is helpful to begin by determining specific marketing objectives and predicaments of a distinct organization.

Not necessarily. Despite this, many of the MarTech tools out there can take a little while to get used to, especially by people who are not well conversant with the software interface.

Some of the applications of the MarTech tools are data capture and analytics encompassing customer information like demographics, customer behaviour and preferences. With these insights, you can ultimately improve your marketing approaches to elicit a more positive response from the intended readers.

When selecting MarTech services to specifically support your email marketing software, CRM or big data analytics, an integration option is essential to avoid manual input of data and duplication of processes.

It depends on the particular tools you employ, the manner in which you apply them, and the nature of the undertaking. It achieves benefits such as increased efficiency, cost reduction, and improved conversion rates.

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